Green Park & Golf Ventures, LLC supports 29 acres, a safe housing community for young adults with autism in North Texas.  We support it with our time, our money, our contacts, and our full ecosystem.  It is a very special project to us, and a necessary one for North Texas.



29 Acres was founded by a group of families who share a similar need: Finding quality programming and safe housing for their young adults with autism in North Texas. When our children with autism were young, our efforts were directed towards seeking appropriate care and therapies, privately and through our educational systems, to ensure they were given opportunities to learn and make meaningful progress. As a result, their children have grown up to be wonderful young adults. Most continue to live with challenges typical of adults with ASD, but have skills that can make a real difference in their lives -– skills that, if maintained, will allow them to successfully engage in the community, be productive at a job or volunteer position and enjoy friendships.

At 29 Acres, we know they can have a life with purpose. We know they can have a happy life.



As autistic children “age out” of the school system, we know that they will continue to require various levels of support to maintain those skills and to continue to learn and thrive. We also know that we are facing the realities of aging ourselves and that one day, as we age, we will be ill-equipped to meet our child’s ongoing needs.

As a result of this, we began to explore ongoing programming and housing options for our loved ones in the Dallas area. We have learned that the need for additional housing is great. Many families are struggling to find the right fit for the unique needs of their adult loved one. Looking around Texas and the United States we are excited and inspired by the work of others. We seek to recreate at scale a community for living that exceeds expectations and will combine the best features of what we are learning.