Green Park & Golf Ventures, LLC has been actively investing in early stage companies since 2011, focusing historically on small, early stage healthcare companies. To date, we have made 91 investments in over 61 unique companies, many of which we believe are poised for growth and exit opportunities. A “typical” Portfolio Company has less than 20 full-time employees with a pre-investment valuation of roughly $5-20 million. The stage at which GPG has invested has been somewhat varied, ranging from “Series Seed” rounds of financing through “Series C” rounds. Approximately 80% of the investments made by GPG have been in the healthcare space, with the majority of investments in either medical device or healthcare IT companies. Investments have also been made in therapeutic and diagnostic companies, though these represent a minority of the current Portfolio Companies. The remaining 20% of Portfolio Companies represent investments in areas outside of healthcare, typically in the technology sector.

Currently, with each investment in a Portfolio Company, we pool together investors in a single limited liability company to make a single investment with each individual investor deciding on his or her own whether or not to invest in the particular Portfolio Company. This aggregation allows us to invest larger amounts of money into companies under a single entity and generally allows us certain rights that we believe would otherwise be unattainable for individual investors, such as “Major” or “Significant” investor status, which usually carry various information rights, board rights, and input into other key terms. 

In June, 2017 we launched the Green Park & Golf Healthcare Opportunities Fund. (“GPG HOF”) In July of 2018, we have closed to new investments the GPG Healthcare Opportunities Fund, a $9.1 million venture capital fund, to invest exclusively in our healthcare and healthcare-related Portfolio Companies, whether currently existing or existing in the future. Unlike our current investments in Portfolio Companies, GPG will have sole discretion over the investment of the capital committed to the Fund as well as the ultimate realization of any profits. Investors in the Fund will be relying on GPG to conduct the business of the Fund, and, as such, the pool of capital in the Fund represents a “blind pool.” The Fund represents an opportunity to invest in a proven team capitalizing on unique exposure to compelling entrepreneurs and growing companies primarily in the healthcare industry. Our stablished relationships with the Portfolio Companies provides significant insight and enhances our ability to direct capital toward building industry-leading companies. GPG is confident that the Fund will increase its ability to access exceptional deals and entrepreneurs and to maximize opportunities that can lead to outlier returns for the Fund.


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